Web and Mobile Applications

Do you need a web and mobile application?

ARISTARC is an expert in developing custom mobile and web applications. We adapt to our customers’ companies and sectors. Whether you’re a startup using flexible methods or a large company, if you’re in the education sector or the health sector, our mastery and expertise are at your service to complete your project.

Web Application

Are you looking for THE service provider to create your web app? ARISTARC is there! A custom site, CMS, business applications, we give your business our knowhow and our team of experts so we can turn your idea into a well-designed project.
We have already worked with Samsung and even AOSTI. So what are you waiting for?

Mobile Application

Have you decided to begin creating a mobile application? ARISTARC is there for you!
The ubiquitous use of smartphones and tablets makes the creation of your mobile application essential for meeting your commercial, marketing or communication goals.
ARISTARC will accompany you during all the steps of creating your mobile application, from conception to development and design.

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Tracking and Maintaining Your Application

ARISTARC also accompanies you in Third Party Application Maintenance. The proper running of your application in real usage time is essential, and, just like with its design and development, we will be right there. Our level of commitment can be adapted to your needs.


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