ARISTARC creates web and mobile applications.

Do you need a personalized app? ARISTARC is here for you! Our technical and professional experience are at your disposal, and we will provide you a solution that meets your specific needs.

What we do

Your project’s success is our objective. And we’ll be right there at your side to help during the technical and functional design. Together, we will specify the functionalities required, create your style guide and define the technical flows your project needs to run smoothly. Here at ARISTARC, we detect problems upstream to best solve them.
Our role is putting your web or mobile project into place. Our team puts our experience at your disposal so we can design and develop your project while meeting regulations and conventions for mobile or web apps. Thanks to these high-performance, renowned tools, your projects become evolutive, powerful and updatable.
A successful site is also an ergonomic interface, a logical architecture and an intuitive user experience. ARISTARC puts great attention on the design of its sites in order to best highlight information and offer a visitor pleasurable and easy navigation. The goal is to make the visitor a user.
Our knowhow is recognized in several sectors involved with innovative and powerful technologies. Our strategy: adapt the solution to the context and specifics of a project. Here at ARISTARC, there are no pre-established solutions: we create customs tools with you.

Your project’s phases:


The best way to start a project is to organize a meeting where all its actors can meet and exchange with each other. Teams can also pool together their ideas on the project’s specifics and implement a completion schedule.

Project Launch


ARISTARC accompanies you with the creation and architecture of your project as well as the formulation of specific functionalities. Together we will imagine your site's graphics and then make mock-ups for it.

Analysis and Conception


This is the heart of your project: We will develop it through a specific technical solution and adapted content integration (text, images, PSD mock-ups).

Development and integration


ARISTARC makes an internal test to guarantee our work’s compliance. Then it’s up to you to evaluate your project’s conformity, one key word: test everything!



Delivery includes providing you with your final product and putting it online. We can provide you with documentation and schedule a training so managing your site is no longer a secret.



Have some new ideas? new functionalities to integrate? Have no fear! We’ll go back to the conception phase so we can re-focus on your new needs.


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